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Meet Rosanna

Hi, I'm Rosanna.  Throughout my life I've been blessed with access to my creative impulse ever since I can remember. I am very fortunate to have had very theatrical parents who were excellent storytellers and an Aunt who as a prolific artist and art teacher, taught me to be fearless with different mediums & crafts at a very early age. Being a third born child, I also had the benefit of imaginative siblings and a neighborhood in which group play was brimming. As I grew up I never stopped playing, and I found a way to teach play by becoming a Waldorf Teacher - Early Childhood Specialist in 1991. 

Over time I developed a genuine knack for directing children's spirited will and playful creativity, toward productive and imaginative outcomes.  I've long been a supporter of home-schooling which has risen dramatically ever since the pandemic, and I offer enrichment support to parents.  I aim to help you better adjust and enjoy the process with your little ones.  I offer information as a mentor to illuminate and broaden your awareness of this precious early stage of life while uplifting your interactions.  I bring inspiration to ease the tears and challenges with practical tools and simple crafting skills needed to fill each day with more play and make it more enjoyable.  I also offer ongoing homeschool enrichment/playgroups,  craft lessons as well as puppet shows and storytellings.

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There is a profound opportunity in storytelling and puppetry that goes beyond concepts, expectation, judgment, outcomes or any of the standards via which we customarily lens our reality. Don't be surprised if your puppets start giving you's been known to happen on the spur of the moment.  Listening to the subtle whispers of ideation, trusting our hands to create and our voices to lift the spirit and guide our children is much needed oxygen for the soul.


Take a deep breath ~ support has arrived ~ let the FUN begin! 

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