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Puppetry Parties  & Shows 

Puppetry is the antidote for all the ills of modern civilization.

                                                   ~Rudolph Steiner

Schedule a Public or Private Event

Fun, wholesome activities for your special occasions!

Invite your community to join you in celebrating!

Birthdays / Festivals   

Fundraisers / Private Events


 Allow me to entertain your guests.

This can include storytelling, puppetry, crafting and ambient strolling.

I come to you with all the needed props and items to offer a puppet show for the delight and amazement of all.

Stories for all ages:

3 - 6yrs. old  /   5-10yrs. old


Adults 12+


~ A quiet, well lit, comfortable environment.

~ Even & stable ground with a rug beneath the puppetry area (for my knees)

~ No sweet treats or drinks until after children's shows!​

 Puppet Show $200 

(one puppeteer)

 Outdoor Lap Puppet Show


Indoor Table Puppet Show


Giant Skirt Performances $1,000

(3 puppeteers - Requires 13 ft ceilings)

+2 months notice for rehearsals.




Ambient Character Strolling / Party Starters 

We come to your event fully regaled in an enchanting costume for the theme of the event and playfully interact with your guests, providing whimsy, novelty and getting a good mood going by becoming one of a variety

of possible characters suited to your theme ie:

Mermaid & Fairy or a Pirate & Wizard etc...!

( $200 per character - 1 hr.) 

Additional Craft Activities - $150

Engage their hands and provide memorabilia. 

 ($150 +plus supply costs-1 hour of simple crafting )

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