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Lazure Painting

Lazure painting began in Europe with the building of Rudolf Steiner's 1st Goetheanum (temple) in Dornach, Switzerland. Steiner was the aid/apprentice to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and as a young man, he collated and organized many of his written notes, gleaning a great deal of information from the scholarly polymaths numerous works. He was versed in both science and the arts and in that Goethe dismissed basic color theory in search of more and in using color prisms he concluded that color is a "border phenomena" meaning we need both light & darkness to create color as it is based upon polarity. Goethe's deep influence led Steiner to dedicate his temples to him and so it came to pass that the 1st & 2nd Goetheanum depict many colors adorning the ceilings, and walls of the Goetheanum depicting dynamic and unique imagery based in Anthroposophy. Since then the colors and technique has made its way into classrooms in Waldorf school communities all over the world. The Lazure method, as indicated by Steiner, is of support to the curriculum. Steiner designed the color scheme of the classrooms to work with the developmental stages of the children. From the rainbow tones of early childhood, to warm reddish tones in 1st grade, light and luminous tones of violet to lavender in the upper grades he stated that this sort of atmospheric effect in color which appears to "breathe" creates nurturing intervals between what he described as the etheric (subtle life force) and astral (emotional) bodies of the human being. In this view the children perceive the colors movement, which strengthens their young soul and initiates a balanced, regenerative, & healing response.

The luminous, transparent quality of Lazure painting is created with glazes brushed on in layers of color. Lazuring is almost as if one is painting with light as a pigment.  The perception of this light and color moves down the central nervous system and back to the brain in a most welcoming way. Such color benefits adults equally well and all homes and workplaces can be enhanced in this way.


Each building and room has its own interplay of light which filters into the interior, and this is the first quality to incorporate as I design the color-play I will work with. Of equal importance is an understanding of what the space will be used for. With interior design, it is known that color effects behavior and that a color scheme for a room can either enhance or detract from how one experiences themselves in that space.

Painting Gallery

Lazure Solar tones_edited.jpg
Lazure Angel_edited.jpg
Yellow Green .png
rosa lazure flowers.jpg
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Lazure Moon & Stars_edited_edited_edited
Lazure rainbow_horizontal.jpg

I bring decades of artistic expression and experience painting numerous classrooms and homes throughout the SF Bay Area.  Turn any basic room into a magical get away with layers of color that almost seem to breath with you. 


Cost is based on the scope of work involved: 

  • Number of walls.

  • Size of the room.

  • Just color or imagery too? 

  • Imagery requires more time and finesse.

  • Two, three, four or a full rainbow of colors?

  • Blending takes more time with more colors.

  • Have a desire to learn by assisting or do you want it done for you? 

Additionally if you want doors, sills, and trim painted - these can require more time due to the high gloss type of base paint on them. If you have textured walls this takes longer to adjust for pooling and varied drying times, so it requires more brush work to dry it and prevent drip lines.

Send me:

Photos of your current space

Measurements of the room i.e. 10 x 20 & 13ft. height 


Include :

Preferences i.e. Rainbow tones in playroom & Terracotta/Sand duo-tone in Living room.

Space Details i.e. non-textured walls / include trim & doors / do it for me

Specialty Features i.e. include an Angel above playroom loft 


        ~ Surfaces must have a white base coat of a low VOC acrylic latex paint (flat or eggshell). 

        ~ 1 extra gallon of the same exact paint to blend the new color pigments into.

        ~ Ventilation & fans.

        ~ Abundant lighting.

Lazure Angel_edited.jpg


kids run_edited_edited.jpg

Stamos Family

We absolutely love our home! Rosanna, was such fun, she actually painted the spirit of joy on our walls and our hearts.

The Mountain School_edited.jpg

Mountain School Staff

Our classrooms are even more welcoming and magical with wondrous colors everywhere and little surprise paintings in different places.

One child said:

        "Mama,I want to live here!"


Westridge Community Center

What a transformation! The play of light, the warmth of tone, the welcoming feeling of the center is now a joy to share with others.

Thank you!

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