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Enchanting Childhood

Imaginative Mentoring ~ Puppetry Arts 

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Yay!  Time to do a little happy dance!

You've just taken a big step forward to bring more creativity and imagination to the children you love!  Your  mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bring more joy into your family life with puppetry arts.  Host a show for your child or a needle felting craft class for you and your friends to make a charming puppet.  Receive mentoring to enrich your days with songs, stories and poems bringing you new levels of connection with the children while sharing delightful and imaginative fun! 


Work, parenting (especially if you're homeschooling) can vary from feeling overwhelming to a bit like drudgery at times.  Most of us are too busy dealing with the mundane needs of life to sort through and give attention to the details of the young child's development to know all the what, when's and how's that are best for their aptitude's and skill levels, so...




 Fairy Godmother 1 on 1's...

Join me for a ~ Waldorf based Solution Session 

 Private Mentoring   $133 

(Series of  3 - $333)

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  I've done the ground work and field tested the method over and over again for decades with excellent results for families like your own.  When you are regularly equipped with a few songs, a story, and some sweet puppets, your quality of time with your children will greatly enhance and never be the same ol' thing again!

Schedule your own 1-on-1 sessions, or a Home Routine Revamp, in which we discuss both challenges and goals to help you craft a more enchanting path forward.  Whether you are a parent or nanny  in a rut of frustrating exchanges, or a puppetry enthusiast who seeks the how-to's of crafting and use with storytelling, or a teacher seeking a seasoned mentor to help you refine your skills and liven up the children's imaginations and time in class...your Fairy Godmother has arrived!   

"Puppetry is a therapeutic remedy against the damages of our civilization…

We must do everything in our power to help children to develop fantasy.”

~ Rudolf Steiner


Group Puppetry-Craft Class   $333

Host up to 6 of your friends, for a Needle Felting Party

(or even more guests for slightly more cost)

 Private Crafting Lesson $133













Navigating Early Childhood - Group Solution Session  $333

Invite the other parents you know for a stimulating conversation.

We choose the topic in advance, so you get your questions answered.

Home Routine Revamp $1,333

(1 week intensive support)

~Assess the transitions, challenges, discipline & consequences

 ~Devise a daily action plan and provide tools to implement

~ Create structures of integrity for the whole family

~ Increase the FUN & connection factors

If you've got some challenges you're ready to shift,

your Fairy Godmother is here!

I come to you, meet the family and spend a full day & eve observing

Next day Solution Session & Implementation Coaching

After 3 days, we have a Follow-up Observation Solution Session

Followed by three 15 min. phone Check-in's 

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So now's your chance...take a leap
and let's make some magic together!

Get ready

to make some wishes come true...


Early Childhood is a precious window of time. Allow me to help you trade the struggle for some FUN, ease your transitions with songs and puppets, develop new rhythms and routines that enhance relationships and family time.  We discuss your challenges and goals and create solutions and chart a course of infusing enchantment into your daily routines to bring wider smiles and warmer hugs to everyone. Puppets help us begin or bring closure to activities, aid in composure and even support the discipline of children without feeling like you're just a big Fun-ender!


There is a profound opportunity in storytelling and puppetry that goes beyond concepts, expectation, outcomes or any of the standards via which we customarily lens our reality. Don't be surprised if your puppets start giving you's been known to happen on the spur of the moment.  Listening to the subtle whispers of ideation, trusting our hands to create and our voices to lift the spirit and guide our children is much needed oxygen for the soul. 

 Take a deep breath ~ support has arrived ~ let the FUN begin! 

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